About QEWDjs

Read all about QEWDjs- a leading edge NodeJS Integration framework

One good place to start is this introductory article on QEWD

In summary: QEWDjs is a Node.js-based platform for developing and running interactive browser-based applications and Web/REST services.

QEWD makes use of the ewd-qoper8 module to provide an isolated run-time environment for each of your message/request handler functions, meaning that your JavaScript handler functions can use synchronous, blocking APIs if you wish / prefer.

QEWD includes an embedded persistent JSON database and session store/cache using Global Storage provided by either the Redis, GT.M or Cache databases.

Interactive QEWD applications can be developed using any client-side JavaScript framework (eg Angular, React, etc).

A single instance of QEWD can simultaneously support multiple browser-based applications and Web/REST services.

QEWD uses Express to provide its outward-facing HTTP(S) interface, and Socket.io to provide its outward-facing Web-socket interface.