This Documentation aims to help you explore and understand the QEWDjs Framework

The Background To QEWDjs:

Read the article Having your NodeJS Cake and Eating it Too, which explains the thinking behind QEWDjs and its unique architecture:

You might also find the slides from Rob Tweed’s talk at the London Node.js Users Group useful.

Getting Started With QEWD.js:

If you want to use QEWD.js on a Linux system or even a Raspberry Pi, the simplest way to get started is to use one of the pre-built installers.

An even quicker and simpler approach is to use the QEWD.js Docker Appliance

If you’re a Windows user, or prefer to install and configure QEWD.js manually, use this guide.

A Reference REST Implementation using QEWD.js

If you want to learn how to use QEWD.js to create a set of REST APIs, a good starting point is the Introducing project which defines a reference application (Conduit) against which a number of front-end and back-end implementations have been created.

One of the back-end implementations is the Realworld QEWDjs backend. This entire back-end implementation was created in just 2 man-days: demonstrating the extreme productivity of QEWD.js